10:02 pm
28 May 2017

Top 7 Least Educated African Presidents

Here are the top seven least educated African presidents. Some are military men, some inherited presidency from their fathers and some just did not need education to gain presidency

1. Jacob Zuma- Republic of South Africa

Zuma received no formal schooling. The debate surrounding South African president Jacob Zuma’s lack of formal education has been a hot discussion topic for years.Prince Mashele, CEO of the Forum for Public Dialogue, has been critical of Zuma’s lack of formal education and argued that Zuma is not fit to rule.

In December 2012, Mashele said the following about another Zuma term in office: “The rainbow nation of Nelson Mandela will disintegrate, under the weight of a corrupt government, led by people who build large compounds in Nkandla”. Others disagree. Vusi Shongwe, who worked in the office of the KZN premier, said he believed that the negativity over Zuma’s leadership is largely unjustified.“For all his faults and foibles, he remains a leader people from all walks of life can easily relate to,” said Shongwe.