08:56 pm
23 June 2017

Top 5 African Football Leagues

Just recently, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics released a list of the top leagues all around the world. The ranking which is based on the performance of clubs in the various leagues from January to July saw the Nigeria Premier League ranked number one in the continent. However, it is a statement of fact that the league in Nigeria is without a title sponsor and is engulfed in financial difficulties as clubs are being forced to pay indemnities of referees for home games. So what clubs are the most lucrative in the continent?


South Africa’s Premier Soccer League (PSL) just about nicks it as the most lucrative league in the continent. Despite relatively being the youngest amongst the other leagues mentioned here (it was formed in 1996), the ABSA PSL remains one of the most popular and lucrative competitions in Africa. In 2007, the banking giant announced it had signed a whopping 500 million rand  ($61 million) deal to sponsor the PSL for a five-year period.  It is by far, the biggest sponsorship deal in the continent. Aside from this, the PSL also signed a deal in 2007 with sports television broadcaster Supersport for a mouth watering 1.6 billion rands ($195 million) for broadcast rights. This Supersport deal is the biggest sporting deal in South Africa’s history and made the PSL ranked in the top 15 leagues in terms of commercial broadcast deals.