12:01 am
29 May 2017

Top 10 Richest Africans 2016

Here are the top 10 richest Africans as of 2016

10. Nathan Kirsh


Net Worth: $3.8 BILLION
Industry: Real Estate
Country of Citizenship: Swaziland
Age: 87
Number of Jobs Created: 870

South African-born Swazi billionaire Nathan Kirsh is the largest property developer in Swaziland. His Kirsh Holding Group owns a 50-percent stake in Swazi Plaza Properties – the company that owns the largest shopping mall in Swaziland. His business empire extends to the US and the UK.

Kirsh made his fortune after he founded a successful corn milling business in Swaziland. He deftly reinvested his profits in food distribution and real estate. The bulk of his fortune is held in various property and distribution companies. He owns a 29-percent stake in Minerva, a London-based property developer, and a 63-percent stake in Jetro Holdings, which operates over a dozen Jetro Cash and Carry stores and 86 Restaurant Depots in the New York, California and Florida areas. Kirsch is also the largest individual shareholder of Magal Security Systems, a developer and supplier of intruder detection and control systems. His charitable causes are concentrated in Swaziland, where 70 percent of all donations have empowered local women to start and grow businesses.