05:27 pm
24 May 2017

Top 10 Polygamists with the Biggest Families

10. South African businessman married four women at the same time: 13 Family Member


Milton Mbele, 44, has a total of four wives and eight children. He really pushed the limits of the traditional perception of getting married. Four brides were walking down the aisle, in white gowns, saying “We do”, instead of the usual ” I do” sentence. The women did agree it was strange that Milton wanted to marry them all at the same time, but since they love him and know he is a kind and caring man, they accepted this peculiar request.

Milton is claiming that he loves and respects all of his wives equally, and shows this commitment by wearing four rings on his finger. The wives live in separate houses, and Milton visits each wife once a week, and takes three days for himself to rest. He owns 100 cows and 250 goats, has a good job and, by traditional standards, he is relatively wealthy.