01:37 am
26 May 2017

Top 10 African Countries to Invest

Here are the top ten best african countries to invest. EY has released its attractiveness survey , providing a key source of insight into levels of foreign direct investment (FDI).

In Africa, where a common perception is of it being an emerging market, the stats always make for interesting reading and this year is no different.

EY bases its findings on a two-step methodology which takes into account both the reality and perception of FDI in a respective country or region, before producing findings based on the insight of a representative panel of international and local opinion leaders and decision makers.

In this Top 10, we begin with the basics and count down the countries which saw the most FDI projects in 2013.

10. Uganda

Uganda is one of only two new entrants to enter the top 10 list, hosting 21 FDI projects on its shores in 2013, compared to 17 a year previously.

The country is seen as one of the emerging hotspots for foreign investment, and is one of a cluster of countries to grow at a CAGR of more than 20 percent since 2007.