02:55 pm
30 May 2017

Top 10 Countries Where Ladies Go Hunting for Men

The idea of a mail order bride is so ubiquitous that there have been numerous movies, books, and most importantly, a TopTenz video devoted to the subject. Some might feel this is potentially sexist, treating women as some sort of rankable commodity for men. How would men feel if someone ranked husbands by country? Well, here’s our chance to find out!

For the purpose of ranking countries, we’re judging how sexist the society of the country in question is, the wealth of the population (because wealthier couples are more likely to stay married), how high the divorce rate is, and how many reports there are of domestic violence. One of the sources that will be frequently cited is a report by the World Economics Forum that measures how sexist a nation is by the educational, employment, and political opportunities available to women as well as their general health. We apologize to all the abusive, impoverished, divorced misogynists this approach may offend.

10. France


France is inextricably linked with romance, and its population was ranked the ninth most attractive in the world in a poll performed by Telegraph magazine.  It tied with Great Britain for #5 in rate of domestic abuse among members of the European Union. However, it isn’t that wealthy as far as developed countries go. The GDP per capita is  $42,500, which by the standards of developed nations is actually fairly low. Its domestic abuse rate is a rather high 44%. Its divorce rate is the ninth highest in the world at 53%.   All in all, France’s population does well enough by all the criteria of this list to place on it, but not super well at anything in particular.