01:46 am
26 May 2017

The Top Five most advanced African cities to do business in

5. Tunis, Tunisia


Like any successful capital city, Tunis has bustling rail, road, air, and port links that connect the North African nation with the rest of the world through the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a high concentration of students and therefore offers a diverse and high level skill set for employers.

1. A Do-it-Yourself Attitude

During the first half of this year, at several tech events and entrepreneurial summits in Tunisia, I met dozens of young people, most of them nearing graduation or having just graduated. Over and over, they told me the same thing: “The government cannot do anything for me now. I need to do it myself.”

2. The Private Equity Market is Flourishing

More than ever, people in Tunisia do not fear harassment for being involved in commercial projects in general, specifically in high-return projects. Tunisians remember that, before the revolution, underground business commitments were dictated by the ex-president’s family prior to each big deal or as soon as a project began to show promising results. Such aggressive and forced concessions stressed investors and led to stifling many high-potential business opportunities.

3. Consumers Enthusiastic for Innovation

Because many business opportunities were stunted under the dictatorship, people are now thirsty for new things. The Tunisian is a bon vivant and an enthusiastic discoverer. The door is open for startups to innovate and bring new products and services to the market. People will not hesitate to test new products that address their needs.