01:39 am
26 May 2017

5 African First Ladies Who Cheated Their Husbands

Here are the African first ladies who cheat. Even African presidents can be cheated by their wives.

There is also a common belief that women are forced to stray since their husbands are notorious womanisers…they are virtually denied their conjugal rights and could starve for several months at times. This betrayed woman will therefore start sniffing other men to get even or the much attention they miss.

We can try to apply these theories to the Royal Swazi sex scandal. Besides his political commitments, King Mswati has 13 wives; one may wonder what sort of an arrangement he has made to ensure all of them are emotionally catered for.

Being human, it may take him several weeks or even months to fulfil his marital obligations. Perhaps this could mean LaDube was sexually starved and had to look for options, the same may apply to Ntuli Zuma.

Various human rights groups hold that King Mswati should not punish the wife or the erring minister since he created this mess. They assert that he has hidden his infidelity under the mask of polygamy.
With the changing infidelity patterns in the continent putting more women on the limelight, one may quip that LaDube and her crew should not be brought to their knees over extra marital affairs since there is more to it than just a roving eye.