10:09 pm
28 May 2017

More professionals are coming into South Africa, than leaving

A new report shows that more professionals are entering South Africa to bolster its skilled workforce, than are leaving.

This is according to business-oriented social networking service, LinkedIn, which revealed it’s top 20 countries where people are moving for work.

Much has been written about the worrying number of skilled South Africans wanting to leave the country amid increasing levels of crime and corruption and a stagnating economy.

However, based on its database of more than 300 million professionals, LinkedIn pointed to the top 20 countries that saw the most migration activity – the absolute number of members moving in and out of a country – and ranked them by their net migration (the number of members arriving to a country minus the number of member departing a country) as a percentage of country membership.

It should be noted that the professionals entering South Africa are not necessarily skilled South Africans who are returning to the country, but rather any professionals seeking opportunity on SA shores.

South Africa ranked 6th, behind only Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the UAE.

South Africa saw 0.26% more professionals arriving, versus those departing between January and December 2014.

Countries including the US, the UK, China, and the Netherlands however, saw more people leaving their shores, than arriving.

The South African percentage increased from 0.5% from the 2014 survey – highlighting the period between November 2012 and November 2013.

Skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) made up nearly half the list of career traits in people working internationally.


The 2015 list of countries ganing and losing the most professionals: