07:22 am
30 May 2017

If you were kissing a girl, what would you want her mouth to taste like?

The Sweet Answer:  Strawberries.

The Comical Answer:  My Wife.  Because if I’m kissing anyone else, I know my life will end soon.

The Smart Ass Answer:  A girl’s mouth.

The Disturbing Answer:  Gun powder.

mugabe kissing

The Practical Answer:  Like nothing.  Just warm and wet.

The Functioning Alcoholic Answer:  Like whiskey and smoke.

The Cynical Answer: It doesn’t matter.  She’s probably going to dump me anyway. 

The Optimistic Answer:  It doesn’t matter.  She loves me and we’re going to make many babies.     

The Christian Answer:  Like our wedding cake, because that’ll be our first kiss.

The X-Rated/Perverted Answer:  Like my c**k

The IT/Computer Geek Answer:  Wait, I’m kissing a girl?!?!