01:40 am
26 May 2017

How My Boyfriend Taught Me Never To Abuse People Who Love Me

I snapped at my boyfriend, for no other reason than that I was feeling irritated and moody.

He got upset.

“You never used to be like that.”

His words slammed through my stomach.

They were uncomfortably true. I never used to be like that.


I never used to act rudely or unfairly or disrespectfully towards him.

Because I knew he would not tolerate it.

But now, a few months into the relationship, we were committed and comfortable. We accepted the ugly sides of each other.

But I was taking advantage of that.

This wasn’t some cute, little flaw of mine he’d chosen to accept. This was just me being downright awful.

I see it in the way people snap at their family, taking out a bad day at work on their parents, instead of their boss.

I see it in the way people hit out at their best friends, never daring to act like that towards acquaintances.

We allow those who love us unconditionally, to see every terrible inch of us.

Because we know they will keep loving us.

They are safe havens, people who accept every horrid expression within us, but they are still just that. People.

Not punching bags.

Not drains for our personal sewage.

And regardless of our bad days, and bad moods, they deserve the same respect we show to others less close to us.

A boyfriend taught me not to take my loved ones for granted.

No matter how understanding they are.

No matter how many times they forgive us.

No matter how many times they come back.

This article was taken from Quora