10:13 pm
28 May 2017

Building Houses Using Plastic Bottles in Nigeria

A project in Nigeria is using plastic bottles to build houses. The plastic bottle helps to lower the cost of building and by clearing empty bottles, it helps the environment too.  The bottles are picked up of the streets and collected from rubbish dumps.

The Plastic bottles are packed solid with soil and laid on top of each other then  bound with mud and string. The developers claim the buildings can withstand earthquakes and bullets.

The project also creates job opportunities for those that are unemployed. A house made of plastic bottles costs a third of a normal house. This an idea for anyone looking to build a house in Africa cheaply.

Bottles filled with Sand ready for building

plastic bottles filled with sand for building eco friendly houses.

Making sure everything is straight

a man building a house with plastic bottles

Binding bottles with Mud and String

man building house

Looking Good


Almost Done


The finished Product

house made of bottles nigeria