12:16 pm
25 May 2017

Africa’s Most Visited Countries

According to the World Tourism Organization, there were 55.7 million international tourists’ arrivals to Africa in the past year. Needless to say, Africa has really enjoyed a massive boost in the tourism industry. Let’s take a quick look at the countries that pulled in the most numbers.


Tangier, Morocco

Morocco, which saw about 10million tourist arrivals in 2013, is a beautiful country in North Africa that’s mountainous, has a lot of desert, and has both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Obviously, this country is already pretty diverse when it comes to nature so those who are into that sort of thing will definitely have a range of activities to engage in. Through the years, Morocco has seen several civilizations pass through, and each one has left its mark on the country, thus resulting in a very diverse culture. A visit to Morocco will expose you to amazing architecture, interesting music, and awesome food, among other things.