12:20 pm
25 May 2017

Africa’s 5 Inaugural Female Pilots

Lieutenant Ouma Laouali, 28, on the 21st of October became the first female pilot in Niger. She was one of the Nigerien Airforce members trained by the United States as part of a programme to help fight the Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Just as women in politics and business are celebrated, Lieutenant Ouma is celebrated for joining the league of amazing first female pilots in Africa. These female pilots challenge sexist views that men are better suited as pilots. The announcement of Ouma as the first female pilot in Niger is a welcome development.

These are the five of Africa’s other inaugural female pilots around the continent.

Irene Koki Mutungi – Kenya


Captain Mutungi, 39 is the first female pilot in Kenya and the first woman to earn the title of captain in Africa. She is also the first pilot of the first Kenyan Dreamliner, Boeing 787. She has received several awards in a male dominated category. Her father was also a pilot with the Kenya Airways.