03:35 am
26 May 2017

7 Teasers of Donald Trump’s Ernomous Wealth. He Knows How To Spend His $$

These days, it seems you can’t open a newspaper or turn on a TV without being bombarded by The Donald. His off-the-cuff public remarks and ‘eccentric’ personality have made him the most controversial character in the presidential race. However, political views aside, Trump’s ongoing ascension to GOP candidacy simply can’t be ignored. It could be his ‘charismatic’ persona (a term I employ loosely), or the successes he holds under his overpriced belt; but the polls just don’t lie… However, it’s about time we took a look at Trump from a different (and far more interesting) angle—one that’s often neglected during his campaign rallies.23-trump-bloomberg

That would be his money, and the outlandish things he has done to flaunt that money since his rise from ‘humble’ beginnings. With an estimated net worth of around $8.7 billion, Trump is certainly no stranger to extravagance. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the ways in which Mr. Trump has spent his money over the years…