10:36 am
25 June 2017

7 Reasons Why Black Americans Hate Africans

Not all Africans Americans hate Africans. But sadly, there are MANY who do harbour extremely negative feelings towards us – whether due to a misplaced sense of superiority, a hypersensitive cultural chip, or just pure ignorance.

It is a shame that many of us are still letting ourselves play into the global Neocolonial agenda that hurts us ALL as Afro people. We stay separated and at odds when we have so much in common – both historically and culturally since we have that Afro connection.



The following “reasons” that many African Americans hate Africans have roots in the intense social programming that the USA executes so well over its citizens.

1. They Think Africans sold Them
The very premise of this way of thinking is ridiculous. Before African Americans becameAfrican Americans, they were just AFRICAN. So technically, we sold ourselves!

But the thing many of them don’t know is – history, and not taught from a white western lens. Colonisation in Africa first came about in the 1600’s before the full-fledged “scramble for Africa” in the 1800’s. The Europeans had already come to the continent and had started their exploitative activity at a lesser severity.

Africa had already dealt in and experienced the (Arab) “slave trade” as well as their own traditional practices as ALL human civilisations worldwide had already been partaking in slavery in one way or another. All this occurred before Africa was “Africa” of today – do the math.

Many of you are aware of Nubia, ancient Egypt) and other pre-colonial African kingdoms, as well as the original Jews being “black” (in today’s sense of the word) but you don’t factor in the slave activity that went on within the international slave activity kingdoms in those times.

What Africans did not foresee and eventually lost out was:

  • European manipulative strategy to pit ethnic groups and kingdoms against one another
  • Chinese gun powder
  • Europeans eventually creating the concept of “race” to justify the severe maltreatment of the “inferior” Africans in the slave trade and natural resource exploitation.

But again. We sold ourselves, and we were NOT the only people to do this in the world. Look across ALL cultures in history and you will see the same thing. Not justifying it, just expanding upon it.

NBMAJORITY of Africans being shipped off were kidnapped and taken against their will by the Europeans, not sold.

There were certain Africans who may have participated in this but it was almost always under force or manipulation to survive, protect their families and their kingdoms.