05:30 pm
24 May 2017

4 Habits of Millionaires That Work for Everyone

I’ve applied all of these principles to my own life, and if you aren’t currently where you want to be financially, I recommend you do the same.

1. Millionaires work hard.

The “get rich quick” thing is such a cliché, but the thing is, it’s rarely ever true. We all see startups earning million dollar valuations, but the real story is that their “overnight success” was ten years in the making.

Millionaires aren’t afraid to work hard, and they take advantage of the principle of “success begets success.” When you have a few small wins, you build on them. You take the next step and you keep plugging away, because you’ve had a taste of success and it’s great!

I hear from a lot of trading students who are looking for a way to make a few quick bucks trading penny stocks, and I always have to disappoint them. There are no secret “hacks” to building generational wealth. There’s only hard work, discipline and a willingness to push ahead through any circumstances.