12:04 am
29 May 2017

13 Careers With The Highest Probability Of Cheaters

Some people believe that cheating is simply a matter of timing, circumstance, availability and opportunity. When you mix those ingredients together, you create the perfect storm of potential cheating and adultery, in which virtually anyone is capable of falling prey. Others argue though, that cheating occurs mainly with specific personalities of people and that you can predict the probability of infidelity just by calculating some simple factors.

Even if you disagree with the latter, there is no getting around the fact that studies have gathered up statistics which do point to certain patterns in the behavior and characteristics of those who do cheat. For instance, one study determined that men named Wayne cheat more than men with any other name. And studies have been able to build a general psychographic for the cheating woman. She is in her mid-thirties, married for five years or less with a daughter under three years old. Studies also indicate that higher levels of education can help prevent cheating based on the assumption that education, working outside of the home, and earning decent wages helps to stabilize the home environment. But, there is a catch. There are specific careers in which highly educated people are much more susceptible to giving into the temptation of cheating. For men and women alike, here is a list of 13 careers that studies show the highest probability of workers who are likely to cheat on their significant others.

13. Bartender

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Bartenders are one of the most obvious jobs on the list. Working late nights with people who are more than likely consuming large amounts of alcohol, already works against you. But factor in that bartenders usually get better tips with the more attractive they are and the friendlier that they act. This increases the probability of getting hit on by customers tenfold. Life as a bartender is not easy work, but it’s still a nonstop party in some ways. That type of lifestyle does not create the stable environment supposedly needed in order to build a strong enough foundation at home to ensure that no one is willing to stray from the relationship.