02:05 pm
28 May 2017

12 Loved and Hated Daughters Of African Presidents

In the U.S. first ladies get lots of attention but the media tend to give presidents’ children privacy. In Africa, first daughters are just as doted over. Whether they’re treated as goddesses or gossiped about to no end, these daughters of African leaders get lots of media attention. Here are 10 daughters of African leaders who are very popular…and some no so much.

Isabel Dos Santos (Angola)

Isabel dos Santos is a brilliant businesswoman and Africa’s richest female billionaire. She makes her money in banking, cement, diamonds and telecommunications. The business mogul recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary to businessman Sindika Dokolo, with a lavish party that involved flying in friends on private jets. This raised eyebrows in a country where most people live on $2 a day.