12:21 pm
25 May 2017

10 Stereotypes about Africans that Aren’t Always True

What is a stereotype? In terms of social psychology, a stereotype is regarded as an individual who has an unidirectional line of thought or approach towards any specified task or activity. Although such thoughts and beliefs are more often than not far from the truth, stereotypes is a common occurrence in everyday society.

Stereotypes about Africans and where it all started:

With Africa always being held in bad light in the Western media, very few of its positive aspects are ever allowed to come to the forefront. What is mostly observed by the Westerners is black women who speak an odd tongue and do not cover their upper bodies. Talks of black stereotypes, men and women alike have always plagued our community.

Although a large number of stereotypes exist about the Africans, most people would be surprised to learn that they are nothing but derogatory remarks far from the truth. Here we take a look at:

1.African men don’t like to work:

While statistics show that in the Western countries, African men suffer from the highest unemployment rates, it has been confirmed by psychologists that this, in no way, has any connection to their choice or preference. Generally speaking, African men are hardwired beings, keen to provide for their families and would hence pursue all possible means for achieving that goal. “Not wanting to work” proves to be a negative stereotype labelled on African men and certainly does not hold true as far as majority of unemployment issues are concerned.