05:35 pm
24 May 2017

10 Ridiculous Commonly Asked Questions about South Africa

10 Ridiculous Commonly Asked Questions about South Africa. We all have funny stories of unsuspecting travellers in Africa. I myself have convinced someone that black skin can rinse off (illustrated by a black friend’s wet feet looking almost white); a game farm is a place where you play games like Monopoly; I do indeed have a pet lion that sleeps under my bed; and the standard South African school uniform consists of a grass skirt…and a nose ring if so desired.

It’s hilarious that, in the 21st century, foreigners think of South Africans as sharp toothed elephant riders. But can we really blame them? We Saffas love poking fun and use any opportunity to play on these 10 ridiculous frequently asked questions:

1. Where is South Africa?

Could it be any more self-explanatory? South (at the bottom)…of…Africa.